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    Custom CBD Boxes make a big difference in catching a customer’s eye. Just like any other product, CBD products, such as oils, gummies, and creams, need attractive packaging to stand out. This is because thoughtful packaging is a first impression of your brand that helps your customers connect with you positively.
    CBD items fall into a separate category containing all those products with Cannabidiol, a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. CBD doesn’t get you high, rather popular due to its potential health benefits.
    With this, the industry of CBD products is booming, especially in the USA. And with so many brands out there it’s hard to get noticed by the target consumers. That’s why Custom CBD Boxes USA comes in to save brands.
    Custom CBD packaging refers to specially designed containers for presenting CBD products. With product details and usage guides, these boxes also come up with custom branding elements that make them unique and attractive.
    As a USA-based service provider, We Print Boxes delivers high-quality custom box printing and production services to customers across the United States. Our team of experts specializes in innovative designs that set our CBD boxes competitive in the USA.

    Why Packaging Matters for CBD Products?

    Nowadays, CBD products are everywhere. People have found them effective in pain, stress, and sleep issues. Topicals, edibles, and CBD oils are well-known products in the market.

    However, it all comes with a problem for CBD brands. They have to struggle to make their products unique. The same goes for new businesses as well. As a result, custom CBD Boxes come into play to fit the specific needs of products and take them ahead of the competition.
    Not only this, packaging also matters when it comes to handling CBD products. It’s because of their sensitive nature. CBD products require protection from environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and light.
    It’s important to ensure the product quality, potency, and shelf life for longer. On the other hand, poor packaging causes contamination of the product which ultimately affects the customer experience.
    Custom CBD boxes also become part of the customer experience as these products are usually sold online and through retail stores.
    CBD products come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and each one calls for a specific packaging solution. For instance, oil bottles require droppers while edibles need food-grade packaging. Similarly, vapes require special packaging to prevent leakage or damage.
    Therefore, CBD products need custom CBD Boxes with logos to stand out and exceed customer expectations anyway.

    Our CBD Box Offerings

    At We Print Boxes, we offer a range of customizable designs and functional features to suit CBD products. Whether you are going to pack vapes, cartridges, tinctures, or gummies, be confident with the custom CBD packaging we offer.
    In addition to variety, we also take care of material and protection. After all, it all makes your product stand out.

    Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    Sleeve and tray boxes offer a perfect snug to CBD products like CBD oils, tinctures, and vapes. These boxes consist of two parts, a tray to hold the product and a sleeve to slide over it.
    The tray uses sturdy material like cardboard and comes in a shape that fits the product inside. It’s a highly customizable part of the CBD box.
    On the other hand, the sleeve is a thinner counterpart that contains the brand’s logo and product information.
    CBD sleeve and tray boxes are easy to assemble and offer a sleek modern look to a product.

    CBD Display Boxes

    CBD display boxes contain special features like display lids and viewing panels that ensure product visibility to viewers. Display packaging works well in making customers curious about the product to know what’s inside.
    Products like CBD edibles and topicals are different from oils and thus need to stand out uniquely. These include CBD gummies, capsules, supplements, and creams that customers find in retail settings.
    In such cases, CBD display boxes set CBD products apart from regular products. These boxes feature transparent windows and a unique structure that keeps them upright.
    Brands further customize their CBD boxes with logos to maximize the impact of their packaging.

    CBD Separate Lid Boxes

    In the world of CBD products, separate lid boxes are classic packaging solutions. These boxes consist of two parts: a base that holds the product and a lid that fits together.
    The separate lid boxes are perfect for delivering CBD accessories and concentrates across the USA to enhance the customer experience. Not only this, they are also perfect in terms of quality and reliable protection.

    CBD Cream and Soap Boxes

    The name explains everything. These boxes pack CBD skin care products including creams, soaps, balm, and lotions. Some of them contain a flip-top lid while others feature a sliding drawer to provide easy access to the product.
    CBD skincare items come in a way that each unit needs separate packaging. So, it must be protective and reliable.
    In short, CBD cream and soap boxes are perfect for products that require a smaller packaging solution to stand out.

    CBD Oil and Tincture Boxes

    CBD oil boxes feature a dropper or a pump dispenser and a compact size to fit the product securely. That’s what makes these boxes a popular choice for CBD product marketing.
    Considering these boxes is important as CBD concentrates are different from other skincare products. These include CBD oils, tinctures, sprays, and E-liquids that require unique packaging solutions.
    Not only this, but they also come in varying sizes depending on the quantity of liquid bottles. To protect the sensitive bottles and ensure durability, custom CBD packaging uses premium materials.

    CBD Eco-friendly Boxes

    Eco-friendly CBD boxes refer to a unique type of sustainable material they use during manufacturing. The purpose of these boxes is to promote environment-friendly practices for healthy living.
    Nowadays, customers remain conscious about their actions towards the environment. Therefore, the trend of sustainable packaging is growing. And the same goes for the CBD market as well.
    CBD brands want to produce sustainable products and we make it possible with eco-friendly packaging that uses recyclable material.
    No matter what type of CBD products you are dealing with, sustainable packaging is always relevant to reduce the carbon footprints of products.

    Material and Quality

    Besides presentation, CBD packaging has to be protective and durable. To ensure strength, we use high-quality materials including paperboard and corrugated board.
    Similarly, we also try to reduce environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly materials. Using recyclable material and soy-based printing ink are efforts we regularly put in our custom CBD boxes in the USA.
    To ensure quality, our CBD packaging undergoes frequent tests and compliance details. In short, We Print Boxes delivers durable packaging with a professional look.

    Customization Options

    Custom-printed CBD boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are further customizable in terms of material, design, and custom features.


    High-quality material is the base of the packaging. Before planning how your CBD box will look, it’s important to decide which type of material it should use.
    For instance, cardboard and Kraft board materials are the most common and durable materials. They protect sensitive CBD products during handling, shipping, and transit.
    Not only this, we also offer sustainable materials to enhance your packaging. These include recyclable and biodegradable options with the least impact on the surroundings.

    Shapes and Sizes

    We understand the packaging needs of the CBD market. CBD products come in different sizes and shapes like oils, creams, and gummies.
    To fit these varying products, we offer a range of preset shapes and sizes so that you can select any one with ease. Yet not limited to this, we also let you decide on custom sizes and unique shapes of custom CBD boxes with logo. This is because our ultimate aim is to make your products shine either way.

    Custom Features

    In the end, custom features are what make your products stand out from the crowd. These include transparent windows and cutouts to make your product visible to everyone.
    Some of them contain inserts or dividers to ensure extra protection, while others believe in an eye-popping finish like embossing or debossing.
    As a USA-based service provider, we create an endless opportunity to customize your CBD packaging. Our unique custom features include tamper-evident closure, custom notes, window patching, and die-cut designs. However, if you have unique preferences, let us know and we’ll create it for you.

    Why Choose We Print Boxes for Custom CBD Boxes?

    Custom CBD packaging protects your products and helps build your brand. The custom features and unique design elements enhance customer experience. In the end, unique CBD packaging boxes capture the sight of viewers and turn them from first-time buyers into loyal customers.
    It all happens when the packaging is unique and of high quality. To get it, all you need is a partner that understands your specifications and provides you with on-point product quality. This is the reason we serve our customers with our expertise and quality assurance. In the long run, it helps your brand make recognition in the market.
    Here’s why you should choose us to deliver premium CBD boxes with a logo for your business.


    We utilize our years of experience while designing, printing, and packaging your boxes. Our expert team considers your details and ensures that our boxes meet the higher standard of packaging.

    Quality Assurance

    The quality of our custom CBD packaging comes from high-quality materials and advanced printing technologies. So, we deliver durable packaging that protects the items during transit and presentable solutions that look different to everyone.

    Fast Turnaround

    At We Print Boxes, we understand your business commitments. So, we strive to meet your quality standards while meeting the deadlines that further enhance our customer service. However, short deadlines don’t affect the quality of the product anyway.

    Competitive Pricing

    We believe in fair pricing and thus have standard rates per box. However, we also offer discounts on bulk orders without compromising the quality of the product.
    In short, just give a try to custom CBD boxes with logos and let us serve your CBD brand based in the USA. It will surely end up with better collaboration and brand-building down the road.

    As your satisfaction is our priority, so we’re not happy until you’re pleased with the final product. Contact us at 800-558-8047 or info@weprintboxes.com to get CBD boxes wholesale and see how we help you make an eternal impression in the competitive market. With our proficiency, finest materials, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we can be your trusted partner in packaging excellence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Popular design features for custom CBD rigid boxes in the USA?

    Design features come in different categories namely product labels and details, branding and logos, size and shapes, printing options, and unique elements.
    Among these, the popular options are product specification and usage cases, branding, unique shapes, embossing or debossing, and child-resistant features. You have to select any of these to end up with your own unique packaging solution.

    Does custom CBD packaging cost more than regular boxes?

    Yes, custom boxes always cost more than regular packaging. This is because they come up with additional features like branding, durability, and customization. However, the benefits of this custom packaging outweigh the additional cost. They help brands build trust and generate sales.

    How do I Place Orders for Custom CBD Boxes with the logo?

    We make the order process straightforward and quick. Just visit our homepage and click “Get A Quote”, fill out the form, and provide details of your product and CBD packaging requirements. We will provide a free sample for approval before shipping the final order.

    How Do I Design My Custom CBD Packaging?

    Designing custom CBD printed boxes is no more challenging with us. Just let us know your product details or upload relevant samples. Our expert team will cooperate with you to create the packaging design that you want.

    Why Should I Choose Custom Boxes for My CBD Products?

    Unique products need thoughtful packaging and it’s the best way to make your first impression memorable in the market. The colorful design and custom features make viewers curious about your brand and the product inside. In short, custom packaging interacts with your target consumers and enhances their user experience by far.