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    Custom Clamshells Boxes

    PVC Clamshells are thermoformed PVC packages with either one or both sides connected by a hinge or seal. These are used for the transparent and safe packaging of the valued products. Seals or hinges used for closing clamshells ensure the safety of the product. Thus it serves the best Packaging for medical and electronic instruments. Moreover, in the food industry encasing your biscuits, burgers, cakes in transparent PVC Clamshells will urge customers to buy your products.

    Benefits of Clamshell Packaging:

    Products that are displayed in clamshells sell many times faster than other packaging. It is a unique type of Packaging that gives maximum product visibility. You can also insert printed cards to mention product specifications and details. Protection is also a key factor of clamshell packaging which makes it a top choice of bakery and medical brands. PVC Clamshells can be transformed into any shape, thus get the desired shape to fit products in place. Once you have packed your products in clamshell feel free to ship these products to unusual locations without any risk of damage.

    Moreover, to add more safety you can get additional seals, hinges and locks to protect your product. PVC clamshells are available in a variety of designs and styles to meet the demands of customers. Some brands want to place their products in shelves, some prefer to hang their products for better display. We Print Boxes will provide you clamshells and custom packaging boxes right according to your requirements.

    Clamshells for different industries:

    We offer clamshells for all types of industries with efficiency and protection. You can get PVC Clamshells for all types of products. These are easy to be folded in any shape and any size. Perfect fitting of products limits the movement of packed in products. If you are looking for the perfect display and protected packaging of your products, we suggest you PVC clamshells.

    Drinks and snacks: We Print Boxes provide clamshell containers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These will maintain the freshness and display of your snack products for a longer time.

    Bakery Products: It is the best idea to pack your baked products in transparent clamshells. These containers will enhance the look of your cookies, cakes, cupcakes and muffins. Clamshells for bakery are durable & clear to give your products a fresh look.

    Medical Products: It serves safe packaging for medical products. Clamshells are preferred by top brands of the medical industry to encase their delicate products in lightweight, leak-resistant, resealable and stackable clamshell containers.