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    Now you can enhance the look and add more beauty to finalized boxes by adding some decorations to these boxes. No matter what type of box you get for your product, We print boxes provides you a wide range of add-ons to give your packaging a stylish and attractive look. The appearance of the product is the first and most important thing that encourages a customer to make a buying decision.

    Boost the Appearance of your products by adding debossed logos, matte lamination, gloss lamination, aqueous coating, spot UV or full UV. Get help from packaging experts to decide what type of decorative Add-on on will serve best for your specified product. Different types of decorations are preferred for specific products. For kids’ products like toys and gift packages attractive and shiny colors are chosen. In the case of standard gift products, you can have debossed or embossed texts and paper flowers. Some Add-ons are specified for occasions like Christmas Gift boxes are decorated with red ribbons, shining stars and transparent windows.
    We print boxes opens a horizon of Add-Ons:


    You might have heard of the embossed logos and texts. It is a very effective method of printing 3D graphics that are attractive and impressive at the same time. Get your logos and promotional texts raised with our latest embossing techniques.

    In debossing, an indented design is made to give a unique packaging for the high value products. If you are selling high value products, invest on their packaging to attract the maximum number of customers. Similar to embossing it is used to fit your brand logos on Boxes in an appropriate way.

    Embossing and debossing are sometimes printed with attractive colors or left as a blind spot.

    Matte Lamination:

    Most of the customers choose matte lamination, it gives your boxes a sophisticated finish. Customers love to buy these products packed in Matte laminated boxes due to its velvety texture, soft look and ease in the reading of the printed texts. Choosing this lamination will make your product favorite among the customers.

    Spot UV and Full UV:

    UV coating is a popular coating that serves dual purposes. First, it protects the products from Ultraviolet radiation and it also turns your printed boxes eye catching, shining and keep moisture away from your products. Get UV coating for the packaging of your product and keep them safe and fresh for a longer time period. There are two types of UV coating which are generally used to add gloss.

    Spot UV: It is a type of coating on the specific areas of the printed paper. It is used for adding contrast to colors on colorful boxes.

    Full UV: This type of UV coating covers the whole surface of the box. It is used for protective purposes and it also adds gloss to the box.

    We print boxes uses latest techniques and machinery to provide you error free UV coating.

    Gloss Lamination:

    Gloss lamination is used for the shiny and vibrant look of the colors on the printed cards. It is mostly used for the coating of promotional and marketing cards. If you are launching a new product or want to maximize sales for a specific product, get the advantage of the Gloss lamination. It is attractive, shining and it will be difficult for anyone to leave it unnoticed.
    No matter what type of boxes you customize for the products. Choose from a long range of add-ons to enhance the value of your products.

    We print boxes provides you a long list of Add-ons at discounted rates. Other Add-ons include printed ribbons, silver foiling, gold foiling and aqueous coating. Contact our dedicated agents and get exclusive packaging deals and Add-ons customized according to your own choices. If you want to get more information regarding Add-ons and Packaging options contact customer support staff through live chat or call us at 800-558-8047