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    Custom Rigid boxes, also known as custom gift boxes, are perfect for high-end or luxury products. Our custom rigid boxes to package come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, and can be customized with inside and external printing. Moreover, it has a luxurious and stylish appearance. So, enjoy luxury packaging that makes the unlocking experience a genuine joy to enhance your brand and make a lasting impact on your clients.      

    Custom Rigid Boxes: Premium Packaging for Luxury Products

    Custom Rigid Boxes offer premium packaging results for luxury products. Drafted to individual specifications, these custom boxes are designed with attention to detail, securing a perfect fit for the product. The option for custom-made packaging with ensigns enhances brand identity, making these boxes an ideal choice for businesses seeking a distinctive and upmarket donation for their high-end goods.

    Your design will print perfectly on the box and have the desired appearance thanks to our superior printing. Because of our dedication to excellence, you can be sure that your products will be exquisitely displayed in addition to being well-protected.

    Various Finishes

    For your custom rigid boxes, we provide a variety of finishes that add style and beauty to your packing. Choose one option from the provided alternatives:

    • Partial Finish
    • Complete Finish
    • Embossing or Debossing

    Different Types of Rigid Boxes

    Magnetic Rigid Box: The Magnetic Rigid Box is structured with a base and lid, integrating magnets within the lid flap and the box base. This design ensures a secure closure, as the magnets attract and firmly hold the two components together when the box is closed.

    Two-Piece Rigid Box: Two-Piece Rigid Boxes are the most common type of rigid packaging. Comprising a base and a lid, these two separate pieces snugly fit together, forming a robust and secure package. For a variety of products, the simple design ensures both endurance and usability.

    Collapsible Rigid Boxes: With a collapsible design that ensures long-lasting usage and easy storage, the Collapsible Rigid Box is a brilliant combination of convenience and durability. This versatile packaging solution is best for present-giving and effectively supplying excessive-cease products with an elegant touch.

    Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes: Likely to be a two-piece box, but with an added shoulder that gives the contents of the box more stability and protection. If you need more stability and cushioning during shipment and handling, this design is very helpful for heavy or delicate objects.

    Bookend Rigid Boxes: Bookend Rigid Boxes have a cover that opens like a book to reveal the contents within, mimicking the look of hardcover books. This design is extremely well-suited for items seeking a unique and attractive presentation; it is an outstanding choice for things like bespoke picture books or high-end stationery.

    Sleeve Tray Rigid Boxes: These are a special kind of rigid box with a sliding tray that slides into an outer box or sleeve. They are also called slide boxes. Sleeve Tray Rigid Boxes are especially appropriate for products that need to be accessed or displayed frequently because of their creative design, which makes it simple to reach the contents of the box.

    Separate Lid Rigid Boxes: The box can be opened and closed with ease thanks to its hinged cover, which is fixed to the base. Products like high-end electronics or jewelry that need to be presented in a premium and elegant manner are perfect for this style.

    Subscription Boxes: Subscription Boxes are curated packages of goods or products delivered to customers regularly, often monthly. These boxes are designed to give a put-and-themed experience, offering subscribers a pleasurable surprise with each delivery.  Popular in colorful diligence, similar to beauty, food, and life, subscription boxes have gained fashion ability for their convenience and the excitement they bring to consumers who enjoy discovering new particulars and trends.

    Why Choose We Print Boxes?

    Our unique wholesale rigid boxes are affordable and ideal for those launching a small business on a limited budget. If you’re new to the market, don’t worry; our team of experienced people can assist you in selecting the best package at the most attractive price with amazing discounts. You can thus let us know what changes you would like to make. Use our free shipping boxes for anywhere in the United States.

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