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    Rigid Boxes

    A rigid box by We print boxes is a strong paper-based box that is covered in attractive specialty paper and made of high-thickness (typically 2-3mm) chipboard. They are also frequently referred to as luxury packaging, gift boxes, and set-up boxes. A premium packaging choice for the following items is rigid boxes:

    • Tabletop games
    • High-end goods
    • Gifts

    Additionally, rigid packaging has a high-end feel that improves the unpacking experience for your customers and gives you additional chances to build a compelling brand story. Through printing and finishing, rigid boxes provide several branding opportunities, such;

    • Hot-stamped
    • Embossing/debossing
    • Coatings
    • Decorative components

    Rigid Packaging Types

    The rigid boxes come in two varieties: partial finish and complete finish.

    Partial Finish

    A form of rigid packaging known as the partial finish has just a partially finished chipboard and wrapping. The chipboard inside the box is exposed and raw, indicating that it is not completed, and the wrapping is solely used to cover the box’s outside surfaces. The kraft or grey chipboard material is left exposed while making partial finish rigid boxes.

    As they are produced from a single sheet of chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding. Due to the fact that less material is required during the building phase, partially completed rigid boxes may be produced faster.

    In conclusion:

    • The inside edge of the boxes was only wrapped once.
    • The inside stiff chipboard is unfinished and clearly visible.
    • The interior chipboard is folded and perforated in one piece, and it can be sealed with tape before being wrapped. The chipboard finish can be Kraft or White coated on one side.

    Complete Finish

    With a full finish, the rigid box is completely covered, leaving no chipboard visible. Chipboard that is around 2-3 mm thicker is also utilized. For each side of the box, the inside chipboard is divided into pieces, and depending on the requirements, it may be laminated with different finishing choices. In addition, full finish rigid boxes feature a second layer of wrapping that can be either printed or white (the standard).

    In conclusion;

    • Completely wrapped to ensure that no chipboard is visible
    • No tape is utilized prior to box wrapping. The inside chipboard is distinct for each box face.
    • Greyboard or chipboard that is 2-3 mm thicker.
    • Laminated with a variety of finish choices

    Rigid Box Designs

    1. Packaging Tubes

    Rigid tubes, also known as rolled-edge tube packaging, are a distinctive and environmentally friendly paper packaging choice for those who want to stand out and be different. A rigid box with no corners, a cylindrical form, and typically a telescoping or shoulder-neck opening is known as rigid tube packaging. Smaller items like beverages, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories are often packaged in rigid tubes because they are easy to open.

    2. Magnetic Fasteners

    When two magnets in stiff boxes with magnetic closures lock together to form a strong seal, the pleasurable “snap” that results can be strangely addictive. Rigid boxes with magnetic closures have two magnets that lock together to tightly seal the box shut. Since rigid boxes may be used as ideal storage units for jewelry, cosmetics, and just about anything else.

    Buyers will be very reluctant to throw these boxes away due to their durable and solid design, making them a sustainable choice (depending on the size of the box). Your consumers will undoubtedly remember the stylish unpacking experience provided by the magnetic closure! Magnetic boxes with standard and foldable variants are available.

    Even though the standard version is stronger and more durable, the foldable magnetic closure rigid box is shipped and packaged flat, which can drastically reduce shipping and handling expenses. The double-sided tape that comes with collapsible rigid boxes typically clings to the foldable faces of the box, rendering it uncollapsible for your clients. Most guests won’t even be aware that they are foldable unless they closely inspect them. Genius!

    3. Rigid Telescoping Boxes

    As rigid packaging with the lid protruding vertically from the base, telescope rigid boxes are also known as top load rigid boxes, 2-piece rigid boxes, or lid and tray rigid packaging. Even though the iPhone box and the Monopoly game box look and feel very differently, this is your typical Monopoly game box opening. The base can gently glide out from beneath the lid of higher-end telescope boxes, which are constructed with exact specifications to allow for friction and a sluggish opening speed.

    Since the lid and base of telescopic boxes have four overlapping sides when closed, they are more durable than other rigid box designs. As a result, it is the best solution for items that are anticipated to be used often, making it a durable packaging alternative. One variety of telescopic rigid boxes is known as a partial cover rigid box because just a portion of the base is covered by the top, making it simpler to open and close.

    4. Rigid Drawer Style Boxes

    Opening a drawer, especially one that is the size of a tiny box and contains a new item, can be rewarding. Rigid boxes with drawer designs are frequently referred to as slipcase, slide, or match rigid boxes because of how like they open to matchboxes. Products that you want to maintain straight and level for when a consumer opens the package are perfect for telescope boxes. Additionally, child safety features can be included in drawer-style boxes to stop young children from opening potentially dangerous items.

    5. Rigid Boxes in the Book Style

    Because it opens like a hardback book, the book setup rigid box is an inventive and creative rigid box packaging choice. To make it feel exactly like a book, it can be created with a straight or rounded spine. Magnetic attachments can also be incorporated into this hard packaging type. Despite the fact that this package style is fairly distinctive, depending on your niche, it may be quite helpful for enhancing your brand identification. For the best unboxing experience, consider combining your candle brand with books.

    6. Neck and Shoulder Rigid Boxes

    This kind of rigid box contains many layers, including an interior layer with a distinct nick or shoulder that a lid may rest on top of. Given that it can be further tailored to fit the colors and designs of your business, this form of packaging is fantastic if you want to create a distinctive unpacking experience! Following your choice of rigid box packing, the following step is to consider the inserts that will be placed within.

    Designers frequently opt to partially reveal the neck area of the shoulder-neck rigid box to give the appearance of several layers or packing, which can evoke a feeling of mystery in buyers as they examine high-end goods.