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    Looking to elevate your product appeal to make a lasting impression on your customers? Give a try to custom rigid boxes. 

    Custom rigid packaging is an ultimate solution to deliver high-quality delicate products like jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and many more safely at the doorstep of consumers. Unlike plain cartons, rigid boxes with logo maintain their shape and design the same throughout shipping, ready to surprise your customers. 

    Custom packaging solutions offer endless options when it comes to customization as you can ask for unique dimensions, shapes, and designs for either small products like medicines or larger ones like apparel. 

    At we print boxes, we offer high-quality packaging case thanks to our advanced printing and finishing techniques.

    What are Custom Rigid Boxes?

    Rigid packaging boxes are high-quality durable containers created to provide extra protection to valuable items. They are made of sturdy materials including paperboard, cardboard, and Kraft board which are resistant to bending and scratching. 

    Not only this, but special features like magnetic closure and added inserts are what make these parcels exceptional.

    Rigid packaging materials are also friendly to customize and ideal to fit the product inside. Customized rigid boxes come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and custom elements like a logo to offer a premium look. So, whether you are looking for perfect shipping boxes for unique products or aim to transform the unboxing experience, luxury rigid boxes are the go-to solutions for your business needs.

    Types of Rigid Boxes

    Custom rigid packaging is created to exceed the limitations of marketing in product-based industries. 

    To deliver classic products like cosmetics, glassware, apparel, and gift items, rigid boxes with logo take care of the product while making it more presentable. They provide extra protection to delicate items like candles and offer a premium look, creating a win-win situation anyway.

    However, not all of your products can fit the regular rigid packaging. As every product has unique dimensions and protection needs. Therefore, we offer different custom printed rigid boxes depending on functionality, application, and material type to present your products in a way you want.

    Rigid Boxes in Terms of Convenience

    Magnetic Closure Boxes

    These custom rigid boxes feature a magnetic mechanism that keeps the lid closed during transit. They not only secure the product but also create a satisfying unboxing experience at the user end.

    Luxury products like cosmetics, electronics, and gifts are good to go for shipping with magnetic Closure parcels. 

    To create a premium look, we offer customization in terms of material, magnetic mechanism, and finishing techniques to represent your brand image securely.

    Collapsible Rigid Boxes

    Collapsible containers are real game changers when it comes to custom rigid packaging. They are designed to fold flat during transit to cut shipping costs. Their collapsible structure lets them fold and assemble anytime with ease. 

    The products like subscriptions, retail items, and gifts that require frequent shipping are perfect to fit collapsible boxes. To add up further convenience, we create boxes in different foldable structures with highly visible prints which are perfect to turn your first time customers into lifetime consumers.

    Slipcase boxes

    Slipcase boxes have two components, an outer sleeve and an inner. The box is easier to slide in and out which provides flexibility at the user end while also providing an extra layer of protection to the product inside as well. 

    Businesses consider slipcase boxes where presentation matters such as items, like books, albums, and luxury gift sets. To create an eye-popping contrast, we keep the sliding box simple and elegant while the outer sleeve is well-printed with custom texts and beautiful colors. 

    So, if you want to exceed the expectations of customers beyond product, go with slipcase rigid packaging boxes.

    Rigid boxes in terms of Functionality

    Bookend Boxes

    Bookend boxes are the most common types of custom rigid packaging solutions for delicate items to deliver from storage units at the doorstep of consumers. Electronics, glassware, and collectibles are good to go with bookend boxes.

    These boxes are special because they feature inserts that fit the product snuggly as well as made of sturdy materials like cardboard. With our superior finishing look and printing design with logo, you can upgrade your packaging game right away.

    Sleeve tray Rigid Boxes

    Sleeve tray rigid boxes with logo are what you are looking for organizing product collections at one place. The custom rigid packaging contains specific sections inside all supported with inserts to keep products separate from mixing or damaging during Shipping.

    The sliding tray keeps products safe while the outer sleeve takes care of marketing. Thereby, we offer a number of custom options to print rigid boxes with logo and high-end finishing to turn your plain delivery boxes into memorable unboxing perceptions.

    Shoulder Neck Boxes

    Want to make your products stand out? Shoulder neck rigid boxes are your good-to-go options. They are like custom cardboard boxes with raised neck and shoulder to give an elegant look to the product. 

    Customers love to receive their luxury items like watches, perfumes, and cosmetics in attractive boxes. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to enhance the product appeal as well as the unboxing experience all in one place with shoulder neck boxes. 

    We are ready to print your luxury rigid boxes wholesale if you have specific preferences about design and printing.

    Rigid boxes in terms of Shape

    Rigid Hexagon Boxes

    Looking to add a promotional touch to your custom rigid packaging? Hexagon boxes are waiting for you to transform your products smartly. These containers feature six sides each for different products or just to assemble the relevant components of a single product.

    Hexagonal boxes are part of our luxury rigid boxes collection ideal to pack gifts or retail items. At We Print Boxes, we think out of the box and are able to create hexagon custom rigid boxes with six sides of different shapes and sizes. 

    So, let us know your product details and we’ll create a unique outlook that all you need to outshine in the market.

    Clamshell Rigid Boxes

    A clamshell box features a hinged lid that is easier to turn and opens like a clamshell. Since its presentation provides a seamless access to products, businesses with retail items love to choose them all the way. 

    To present small accessories all in one place, clamshell boxes are perfect to go with. No matter if you want to make your packaging more functional or think of a handy solution to deliver classic products, clamshell custom rigid boxes are ideal choices for you. 

    Let us transform your ideas into reality with fine printing details to wow your customers every time they order from you.

    Credit Card Boxes

    Sleek items like credit cards or gift cards require custom rigid packaging. Therefore, we offer credit card boxes to fit every product having the shape and size of a credit card. 

    These boxes are slim, compact, and functional which means that your customers will keep them using on the way. So, they turn out to be a continuous marketing strategy for your business. 

    Don’t settle on less as we are offering wholesale rigid boxes with logo and custom prints to tailor them as per your needs.

    Customization Options

    Rigid boxes offer tons of personalization options when it comes to fit unique products. So, whether you want to tailor the size, shape, design, finish, or material of the box, custom rigid packaging is what your products need to stand out. 

    At We Print Boxes, you can customize your packaging in the following ways. 

    Size and Shape

    The custom size of packaging not only provides a snug and secure fit to products but also cuts the shipping cost. From larger items like books or electronic gadgets to smaller accessories like USB, you can tailor the size to align with the product dimensions. 

    Similarly, it’s also easier to customize the shape of rigid boxes for unique products. So, don’t limit your packaging options to regular shapes like rectangular or square shapes, rather feel free to ask for unique shapes like hexagon and triangle.


    Rigid boxes are made from different materials and often from a blend of two or more materials. For example, chipboard, cardboard, corrugated board, and specialty papers are common raw materials all differ in terms of durability, thickness, and texture.

    However, you can customize your luxury boxes with a material that your product needs to withstand shipping impact and wow the customers. 

    For instance, heavier items are great to pack with corrugated boxes while delicate products are safe in cardboard boxes with inserts inside to provide a perfect snug. 

    So, it’s up to your product specification about what material you should choose and we are here to upgrade your packaging game.

    Printing and Branding

    Apart from shape and size, printing and branding make the product outshine on the shelf. Custom logos, product images, and promotional texts are common branding elements enough to take your marketing outcomes to the next level. 

    On the other hand, printing involves techniques like foil stamping, embossing, and debossing which provide a unique tactile sense to custom rigid packaging.

    In short, customizing boxes with brand names is the best way to introduce your business to the target customers and keep going unlike traditional ads. 

    So, it’s time to personalize your products with custom elements you want to make your customers remember about your business.

    Closure Mechanisms

    Custom rigid boxes with logo come with a variety of closure mechanisms depending on the usage needs and safety preferences. The most common ones include magnetic closure, ribbon ties, clasps, and tuck flaps to provide secure fastening. 

    Magnetic closure facilitates frequent openings, ribbon flaps offer an elegant touch, and tuck flaps ensure fit while cutting additional cost.

    Special Features

    Special features make rigid packaging boxes more functional and handy to use again and again without getting bored from them. Custom rigid packaging is easier to add unique features like window cutouts, handles, inserts, dividers, and scratch resistant coatings. 

    Customers tend to keep functional rigid boxes for future use, providing packaging a chance to serve as brand ambassadors. Overall, it’s the best way to make your products stand out in the market and win more customers.

    Benefits of Custom Rigid Boxes

    Unique products need superior packaging solutions like custom printed rigid boxes. They are friendly to shipping, perfect to fit products inside, and customizable to transform unboxing experience. 

    Custom rigid packaging caters to the diverse needs of businesses with their collection of products. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything your products need from a superior feel to a perfect snug. 

    Here are some least-known benefits of rigid boxes with logo you can manipulate to upgrade your packaging. 

    • Perfect to fit a wide range of products. 
    • Use sustainable materials. 
    • Create personalized unboxing experience.
    • Enhance product visibility and brand identity. 
    • Elevate the look and feel of the product. 
    • Transform plain boxes into functional rigid packaging. 
    • Make the products stand out on the shelf. 
    • Super durable and protective.

    When Should You Consider Custom Rigid Boxes?

    Products need packaging but how would you decide whether custom printed rigid boxes are meant for you or not? Well, it’s about your business model, product specification, customer expectations, and packaging standards in the market. 

    For instance, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics need to comply with packaging standards of the market. Similarly, for businesses that are just starting out, custom rigid boxes with logo are go-to options. 

    So, it’s different for unique products as well as marketing goals. 

    The following are some conditions in which you can consider luxury rigid boxes. 

    • High-value products like premium jewelry or electronic gadgets and delicate items like decorative candles ask for custom rigid packaging. 
    • If you want to stand out in the market with unique packaging design and custom branding elements, custom boxes with logo are perfect to go with. 
    • Think about your business model as if you have subscription-based products or gift items. Such products need high-quality packaging with personalization elements to add a touch of elegance. 
    • Custom rigid boxes wholesale are handy options to consider if you want to promote seasonal products. 
    • In the beginning, businesses want to retain customers. So, if you want to enhance your loyal customers, go for customized printed rigid boxes. 

    In short, considering custom rigid packaging boxes influence businesses in one way or the other. 

    So, invest in high-quality custom packaging now to boost your bottom line and increase customer retention over time. 

    We Print Boxes take care of your brand image and product safety by offering quality services thanks to our advanced printing technology and dedication to exceed your expectations. 

    So, get your quick quote now and let us upgrade your packaging game in a sustainable way.


    How to order custom rigid boxes?

    We Print Boxes make it easier to get an instant quote for custom rigid packaging straight from our website. Start by clicking the Get A Quote button on the homepage and enter your specifications under each section.

    For instance, you can choose card thickness, printing options, extra finishes, or even lamination techniques. You can also upload your artwork to let us know about your design requirements and that’s it.

    What are the minimum order quantities for custom rigid boxes?

    We Print Boxes has a minimum order quantity of 100 units which means that you can order at least 100 rigid boxes per order.

    However, we are flexible with our clients and are free to discuss smaller quantities if needed, but it will cost you more per box.

    What types of finishes and printing options do you offer?

    We believe in customization and therefore provide our customers full control over custom designs. To be specific, we offer custom printing, extra finishes, and lamination options to enhance the look and feel of your product.

    Just go and check our instant quote form to select custom designs in terms of finishing and printing techniques.

    What if I don’t have artwork of my custom design requirements?

    No worry, we got you covered anyway. We offer a variety of design templates relevant to a huge number of product categories you can check to select as per your needs.

    So, if you are not sure about your custom product design or just want to explore trending design ideas, let us know and we’ll provide you.

    What if I need custom rigid boxes urgently?

    Short deadlines can’t keep us from serving our customers as we offer swift delivery of custom packaging as well.

    Just let us know about your design requirements and select rush production while ordering and we’ll deliver your boxes before the deadline.